Capabilities to Serve San Diego organizations during the Pandemic

April 2020 

CRT is Assisting Organizations During this Time of Crisis

San Diego’s organizations are battling an unprecedented global pandemic

The Chairmen’s RoundTable is stepping forward to assist with pro-bono services

  • San Diego’s businesses are reeling:
    • Sales are down, supply chains are broken, employees are under duress, and businesses are being shuttered due to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The seasoned business mentors from the Chairmen’s RoundTable offeradvice and guidance to CEOs
    • Mentors use a proven and helpful engagement process combined with a deep network of helpful professionals in San Diego
  • We have capacity to serve new clients in this time of need
  • We are open to clients who may not meet our standards in ordinarytimes, but who can benefit from CRT expertise

CRT Mentors Uses a Proven Process to Help Organizations

Since 1997, the Chairmen’s RoundTable has helped over 700 San Diego businesses with no-cost services 
  • Our clients are mentored by current and former CEOs from small, mid-sized,and multinational corporations such as:
    • Burger King, AT&T, Scripps, SeaWorld, Boeing, SAIC, Alibaba, Disney, PepsiCo, Eli Lilly, and Tropicana
  • Our mentors have expertise in every industry and discipline and arematched up with the needs of our clients
  • Engagements typically last three to six months with two mentors assigned,
    • But, in these difficult times other engagement models are available (, weekly phone calls or a quick hitting phone consultation)
  • If you’re unsure how to deal with crisis issues and related customer,product, sales, finance, operations, and/or human resources functions, CRT has team members who have already solved similar problems

CRT Delivers Services Relevant to These Difficult Times 

Crisis management for companies that are struggling
  • Test for stress, ensure liquidity, and make contingency plans
  • Protect employees
  • Retain customers
  • Stabilize the supply chain
  • Set up crisis response team
Pivoting, for organizations that can survive, but need to adjust how theyoperate (e.g., employees working from home and/or serving constituents online)
    • Maintain customer engagement (e.g., change from retail to delivery model)
    • Digitize sales, marketing, and customer service
    • Lean and right the supply chain
    • Develop new KPIs and accelerate financial reporting
    • Retain existing critical employees and add new critical skills

CRT Delivers Services Relevant to These Difficult Times (cont’d)

 Business Model Transformation (even temporary)

For those businesses that can change over to support critical emergency needs and communities in San Diego
  • Confirm market dynamics for essential products - ventilators, masks, gloves, beds,
  • Identify customers and requirements
  • Identify key expertise/capabilities and build team
  • Design business model and go-to-market strategy
  • Screen, scope, develop, and test minimal viable product
  • Prepare cash flow projections
  • Determine legal and regulatory requirements

Accommodating Companies Outside of CRT Standard Guidelines

During these are extraordinary times and we will work outside of our standard guidelines to accommodate companies we can help

 Standard Client Guidelines:

•    Based in San Diego County

  • Privately held
  • Over $2 million revenues*
  • Coachable, participating CEO
  • Financially stable
  • Established and fully operational before pandemic
  • No formal board of directors - or board agrees to CRT helping

*Flexible under current circumstances

The Chairmen’s RoundTable is here to help...please reach out today

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