Unmanned Systems Workforce Report
Dec. 18, 2018

Unmanned Systems Workforce Report


In 2016, the City of San Diego received grant funding through the Community Economic Adjustment Assistance for Reductions in Defense Industry Employment funds provided by the U.S. Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment. To assist the defense community and maximize the grant, the Propel San Diego Initiative was created and is a partnership between South County Economic Development Council (SCEDC), East County Economic Development Council, San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation, City of San Diego, San Diego Military Advisory Council and San Diego Workforce Partnership. The goal of Propel San Diego is to make the local defense sector more resilient to the ebb and flow of defense contracting.

In support of this effort, SCEDC is working to identify immediate workforce needs in the field of unmanned systems (aerial, underwater, land and surface). The goal is to understand the needs and create curriculum which can be used to prepare a workforce that possess the skills needed to immediately enter the field of unmanned systems. Local companies in this field were surveyed to identify workforce needs.

Twenty companies located in the San Diego region performing work in unmanned systems responded to the survey. The following are the results from survey.

View the Survey Results

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