Propel San Diego will be hosting a series of working sessions titled “Learning Labs”. These sessions will be facilitated by the SOuth COunty EDC and instructed by INDUS Technology, Inc. INDUS Technology, Inc. is an employee-owned premier provider of quality professional services for industry and government. INDUS is an ISO 9001:2015 Registered and Certified company, focusing on providing high quality Engineering Services, Information Technology, Cyber Security, Program Management, and Financial Management services to the Department of Defense, other Government agencies and commercial customers. 

 Press Release

The Learning Labs are designed to inform, educate, and facilitate the journey to becoming more secure and meeting the Department of Defense’s cybersecurity requirements.

We live in a time where protecting company data is paramount to success. With new phone applications, computer software, and communication platforms appearing on the market daily, organizations should know the industry's best practices and safeguard themselves from adversaries. This is not optional if your network hosts Department of Defense information!!

The Department of Defense has established strict cybersecurity polices for their supply chain and expect their information to be safeguarded when transiting or residing on a supplier's network. The DOD cyber controls are laid out in the NIST 800-171 (rev 1) soon to release (rev 2).

NIST 800-171 REV 1 

To demonstrate compliance, your organization should have an active System Security Plan (SSP) which is reviewed and updated often. Items not yet complied with should be listed in a Plan of Action and Milestone (POA&M) document with specific timelines of when those controls will be implemented. In the case of a cyber hack or information leak, your organization should have a Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan (CSIRP) that acts as a road map to recovery once an incident occurs. Propel San Diego's Learning Labs will help a cohort of companies meet compliance with these cybersecurity controls and start developing their SSP, POA&M, and CSIRP. 

The purpose of Propel San Diego's "Learning Labs" is to increase the number cybersecure firms in San Diego doing business with the government. San Diego has a rich diverse eco-system of defense contractors. Due to the largest population of active duty military in the world, San Diego has become a prime location for companies working for the Department of Defense and Department of the Navy. This supply chain brings unmeasurable value to the San Diego Region but can pose a threat if the companies are not practicing strong cybersecurity practices. The lack of strong cybersecure networks interacting with the US Government's has increased the vulnerability to the R&D process. Over the past few years, breaches in the defense industry base supply chain have allowed our adversaries to gain sensitive information on our assets and innovation. The theft of intellectual property has become an extremely lucrative crime.

"The commission on the 'Theft of American Intellectual Property' estimates the annual costs from the loss of intellectual property ranges from $225 billion to $600 billion (2018). Of this amount, it’s unclear how much can be 

attributed to Chinese businesses". - Why is the US accusing China of Stealing intellectual property?

The progression of the Learning Labs will ideally follow this model:

1. Informing the cohort companies of the threats the Department of Defense (DOD) supply chain faces in regard to intellectual property theft and sensitive information within their networks. 

2. Understand the actions the DOD has taken to protect their information. 

3. Reviewing and explaining the cybersecurity controls required by the DOD. 

4. Crafting a company specific plan to comply with these cybersecurity controls and putting these controls into action within their organizations. 

5. Continually reviewing and updating these policies/controls/processes to make sure they are as secure as possible.



Learning Lab Attendance Applications:

Attendance to these Learning Labs will be awarded through a selective application process. Companies interested in attending this series of free workshops will need to submit an application. For this round of Learning Labs, we will be giving priority to those working in the unmanned systems industry.  The selected cohort of companies will attend 6 separate workshops approximately 3 weeks apart. The ideal representative(s) will be Executives who make policy decisions at their organization. Due to the nature of these topics, additional IT and/or Cybersecurity employees will be able to attend with the Executive.

If you are interested in partnering with Propel San Diego as a Cybersecurity Consultant please review the RFP posted below to make sure you understand the requirements. At the conclusion of each workshop, there will be participation requirements. Companies are expected to begin developing a System Security Plan (SSP) and crafting their Plan of Action & Milestones (POA&M) document over the course of the Learning Labs. Cybersecurity consultants will be available between the Learning Labs sessions to answer questions.

If you are a company interested in applying for the program, find the application box below and click the "APPLY" button to submit your information. The application will close October 24th, 2019.

World Economic Forum: The Global Risks Report 2019 14th Edition.

Top 5 Threats

The World Economic Forum ranks cyber-attacks twice in the top 5 threats to the world's economy.

San Deigo Cyber Center of Excellenc (SDCCOE) -  Cybersecurity in San Diego Report March 2019.


As of March 2019 there is an estimated 150 firms in San Diego working in the cybersecurity industry. This is up 11% from 2016.


China, Russia, Iran, North Korea

Increasingly use cyber operations to threaten both minds and machines in an expanding number of ways—to steal information, to influence our citizens, or to disrupt critical infrastructure.

Brink News  - Cyber Resilience Is the Future of Cybersecurity July 29, 2019

33% 10%

There has been a 33% increase to cyber crimes since 2016 and only about a 10% increase to combating or protecting against these cyebr crimes.


The Connectory

Created and managed by East County Economic Development Council (ECEDC), The Connectory is an award-winning asset platform. This proven resource is being revamped by Propel San Diego, a grant initiative from the Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) designed to provide strategic and sustainable assistance to firms in San Diego who sell products and services to DoD. With this remodel, the Connectory will be more efficient, user-friendly, and expansive.

Research Survey

San Diego Regional Economic Development Council (SDEDC) has contracted BW Research Partnership, an independent research firm,  to complete an employer survey of local companies doing work for the Department of Defense (DoD) in order to better understand the needs and opportunities of regional businesses. Data collected from this survey is being used to provide a range of complimentary resources to San Diego County’s businesses.

Data Visualization Tool

This free, publicly accessible tool allows users to see defense spending trends and contract awards by individual companies in San Diego County. Gain better insights into opportunities for partners and contracts. Propel San Diego is currenlty partnered with EMSI Economic Modeling to collect and maintain the data on this tool. 


The Deapartment of Defense has issued strict cybersecurity control requirments. If you are doing business or hoping to do business with the Government, there are some things you should know. Familiarize yourself with these resources. 

More Resources  

In the News | Cybersecurity Research

Theses are articles, studies and research that will help you understand the Department of Defense's stance on cybersecurity and drive home the seriousness of this threat. 

National Cyber Strategy

National Cyber Strategy

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Deliver Uncompromised

Deliver Uncompromised

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Worldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Agency

Worldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Agency

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China's Espionage Dynasty

China's Espionage Dynasty

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Cybersecurity Readiness Review

Cybersecurity Readiness Review

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The City of San Diego with the support of the County of San Diego and three Economic Development Corporations/Councils (San Diego Regional, East, and South) are core members of the Regional Leadership Group as is the San Diego Military Advisory Council and the San Diego Workforce Partnership. Partners are working together to assist in the collaborative development of an enhanced local knowledge base for the defense sector and programs aimed at boosting defense supply chain resiliency. In addition to the Regional Leadership Group, an Advisory Group comprised of local corporate industry leaders will ensure that San Diego’s varied and broad defense stakeholder community become integral collaborators in the Propel San Diego OEA grant.

Logo of City of San Diego Economic Development Department

City of San Diego Economic Development Department

The City of San Diego's Economic Development Department not only assists individual businesses but also helps strengthen business organizations and improve business districts throughout San Diego. The City leverages public incentives and assistance to promote community revitalization, attract new businesses and encourage investment in local businesses. There are several programs specifically designed to help improve San Diego's small business communities.


Logo of San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation

San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation

San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation's (SDREDC) mission is to maximize the region’s economic prosperity and global competitiveness. As an independently funded non-profit organization, SDREDC promotes the region, facilitates corporate expansion across diverse industry sectors and supports the talent pool that drives their success. Initiative highlights include World Trade Center San Diego, Global Identity, Operation San Diego, Workforce and Talent Retention, and Company Support.


Logo of The South County Economic Development Council

The South County Economic Development Council

The South County Economic Development Council (SCEDC), a non-profit organization, was formed in 1989 by a group of South San Diego County business and community leaders, to promote education and encourage economic development in the South San Diego Region. SCEDC works with businesses to provide tools and resources that encourage success. SCEDC offers site search assistance, loan programs, access to tax incentives, workforce development, links to job training, workshops and educational forums. SCEDC assists businesses with expansion, retention and relocation.


Logo of East County Economic Development Council

East County Economic Development Council

The East County Economic Development Council has effectively promoted the importance of a healthy, vital economic climate and quality of life in San Diego’s East County since 1984. We specialize in bridging the gap between the community, businesses and the government. Our main focus is establishing a fluid skilled workforce pipeline by serving as the advanced manufacturing sector liaison between the industry and education sectors here in East County. Through projects and grants we leverage funds to ease potential workers into tailored training programs and therefore provide a skilled workforce for manufacturers in the local area, as well as maintain the essential bridge between the education and industry sectors.


Logo of San Diego Workforce Partnership

San Diego Workforce Partnership

The San Diego Workforce Partnership funds job training programs that empower job seekers to meet the current and future workforce needs of employers in San Diego County. SDWP is the local Workforce Development Board, designated by the City and County of San Diego. Together with community partners, SDWP provides targeted employment services designed to help eligible adult job seekers identify, or regain, a career that will promote their success. Additionally, SDWP’s network of six America’s Job Center of California sites provide employment services, including career assessment, job training and job search assistance for San Diego residents whether unemployed or employed. Housed within the AJCC locations is a Business Services team comprised of professionals who work directly with employers to meet their specific staffing needs at no cost.


Logo of San Diego Military Advisory Council

San Diego Military Advisory Council

San Diego Military Advisory Council (SDMAC) was founded in 2004 as a 501 (c) 6 non-profit organization with a mission to support and promote the mutual business and other interests of the military, their quality of life, and the defense community in the San Diego area. Since then, SDMAC has become increasingly prominent in advancing the partnership and communication between the military, elected and appointed officials, and the business community while simultaneously working to enhance recognition of the military's many economic and social contributions to the San Diego area.


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Business Development Manager
The City of San Diego

Nathan Loveland
Program Manager
San Diego Military Advisory Council

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Project Coordinator
South County EDC

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INDUS Technologies, Inc