The San Diego Military Advisory Council (SDMAC) is a member based, nonprofit 501-c6 business organization founded in 2004 to advance the collaboration and cooperation among the military, our elected officials, civic leaders and the business community, to support the military and to enhance understanding of the military’s many contributions to the San Diego Region.

San Diego has the largest concentration of military of anywhere in the world.  140,000 active duty members and their families reside in the San Diego area and the active duty ranks are projected to increase by 15,000-20,000 over the next five years.  In addition, more than 245,000 veterans reside here.  These members who serve or have served in our military are the foundation on which this great nation is built and their bravery, honor, committed service and sacrifices ensure the American way of life and preserve our most precious possession freedom.

The military is also the largest economic cluster in the San Diego Area by a factor of 2 to 1, contributing over $50B in Gross Regional Product(GRP)(almost 25% of total GRP for the area)and over 22% of the jobs in the area.  In every facet of the San Diego area, the military is an integral, critical and irreplaceable part of the economy and the community fabric.

SDMAC is the only organization that serves as a bridge between the military and the community, representing both operating and quality of life issues for the military and business issues of area businesses.


  • Real-time updates on issues and trends impacting local business with regards to the military;
  • Advocacy for programs and legislation that help support the military and military families;
  • Unique interactions and networking with senior military leaders (active/retired);
  • Information on the military’s economic impact on the area which involves many industries and projections on how future military funding trends will affect the area;
  • Unique interaction with corporate industry partners with the opportunity to form alliances or partnerships;
  • For transitioning military members, the opportunity to network with the business community;
  • Opportunity for businesses to recruit transitioning service members;
  • Opportunity to promote activities or events that you are associated with or sponsoring;
  • Opportunities to serve on various focus group committees (i.e. Membership, Legislative, Military Family Issues, Military Medical Care, Bases and Infrastructure, Economic Impact Studies, Events and Public Relations, and other areas of interest);
  • Membership pricing to monthly signature breakfasts;
  • Invitations to member only networking events;
  • Company listing and link on SDMAC website;
  • Access to membership announcements and social media feeds; and
  • Special event sponsorship opportunities.

Your SDMAC membership is a show of support for the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families serving in San Diego County. 

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