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"As part of our newly updated website, we are proud to present a monthly "Community Spotlight" segment. This segment will recognize SDMAC members and other organizations and individuals who provide significant support or contributions to the Military and Defense Community in our region."
It is with great pleasure that we inaugurate this feature by recognizing The San Diego Padres, an SDMAC Corporate member since 2006. The Padres provide more programs and support for the military than any other team in Major League Baseball or any other professional sports franchise, and have earned them the honored nickname "The Team of the Military".

  • The only Major League Baseball (MLB) team with a special "Military Home Opener"
  • All Sunday games celebrated as "Military Sunday" games with attendance by more than 325,000 fans
  • All 81 home games featuring a "military moment" for special individual or unit recognition
  • Discount tickets for military members and families
  • Players meeting military members for on-field visits, batting practice and on-base visits
Through unequaled generosity and loyalty, the San Diego Padres have managed to present the glamour and allure of major league sports to our most deserving military members and their families with great enthusiasm, dignity and sincerity. For more information on the Padres, please visit

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