The San Diego Military Advisory Council (SDMAC) was founded in 2004 as a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization with a mission to support and promote the mutual business and other interests of the military, their quality of life, and the defense community in the San Diego area.  SDMAC advocates on behalf of our military, those who serve or have served, and their families in the greater San Diego region.

Since 2004, SDMAC has filled a vital role in advancing the partnership and communication between the military, elected and appointed officials, and the business community, while simultaneously working to enhance recognition of the military's many economic and social contributions to the San Diego area.

Our signature events are the SDMAC monthly breakfasts, which take place on the third Wednesday of every month and feature prominent speakers from the Department of Defense, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. These events provide both the opportunity to hear firsthand knowledge from military leadership and to network with more than 300 military and civilian business leaders of the San Diego community.  SDMAC also hosts an annual Achievement Awards ceremony to honor those who show exemplary service to our military community.

The San Diego Military Advisory Council produces an annual Military Economic Impact Report (MEIR), in partnership with UC San Diego's Rady School of Management.  The report highlights specific data on the positive financial impact of military spending in the greater San Diego region through federal defense budgets, veterans benefits, and employment impacts, amplified through the draw of defense contractors and defense development projects to our area. The most recent report can be found under the Reports tab at the top toolbar of this website.

As issues develop where military, commercial, and political interests intersect, SDMAC will continue to be a champion for communication, cooperation, partnership, and resolution in the San Diego region.  In the past, SDMAC has been at the forefront of issues involving the San Diego military community to include: impact from the Congressionally-authorized Base Realignment and Closure process; impact on flight operations from the San Diego Regional Airport Site Selection initiative, and protecting the strategic role of San Diego's Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal.  More recently, SDMAC is currently working to support the NAVWAR Headquarters redevelopment project, working to improve employment opportunities for military spouses in California through temporary work licensing, and strengthening our relationships with elected officials at every level.

Your SDMAC membership helps us accomplish our mission and is a show of support for the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families serving in the San Diego region.